Sunday, January 27, 2008

How Will Mwai Kibaki be remembered?

Kibaki has casually, willingly and greedily brought our hitherto internationally respected nascent nation onto it’s democratic deathbed. With that goes all pretense of human rights, free press and respect of laws. The fact of the matter is that whoever and wherever you are in kenya, kibaki is playing russian roulette with your life, your present and your future. Ask any internally displaced person - kikuyu or not and they will confirm this. The desire to steal; enrich oneself and hold on to power which is given by the populace is the greatest bane of african leaders.

Nobody expected this of kibaki having himself come into power through the ballot in what all observers agreed was a free and fair poll. The least he would have done would have been to ensure justice and fairness was upheld. These were tenets that allowed him to be president - for god’s sake!!! any elemets of trust or gentleman behavior as peddled in various adds before the election have been found to be vacuous in this post-election period. He has made my country just ”’another regular african country”, an also ran… having witnessed in my local upcountry polling station the initial rig that gave him the 25% in all provinces. (ap’s marking ballot papers outside my local primary school in a car, where he subsequently came second, 2 votes behind raila despite majority of people voting for raila) i was shocked by the brazen steal of votes so openly!!! my farm workman with the radio could tell me it was a rigged election!!! that has directly lead to this sordid state of affairs we find ourselves in. That is also why he will resist any attempts at a rerun with an independent body since these earlier rigged votes will not be available to him and the loss will be all the more obvious. It is also said kibs had wanted to concede defeat and called the media houses but his hardliners would not let him do it!!! they are behind all this but the buck stops at kibs door. It is however suprising that among my kikuyu friends in the kenyan diaspora, international diaspora and in nairobi they are all convinced that kibaki wond fair and square.

These are highly educated folk, including economists, surgeons, paediatricians, dentists, and businessmen!!!! they have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and allow the rape of our young country and it’s democracy proceed, so long as it is by ‘one of their own’. Just the other day they would froth at the mouth when moi did just a 1/4 of what kibaki has done. These are the sellouts, the tribalised fellows who would sell their country down the road of civil war for……nothing! kibs does not know them, does not care about them and would gladly put them in harms way to achieve his ends, but they do not see that!!! i shudder because they are the opinion leaders in their areas. If this is what they think, i cant blame the herdsmen in their areas for their thoughts…. This is why i respect a fellow like karoki because the truth will always set one free.

Truth and justice make for a sound peace anyday!!! kibaki has taken the name of the lord in vain during his swearing in. He plays with another power that is far greater than him. In rome they did not say vox populi, vox dei for no good reason. You cannot wily nilly lord it over me if i do not want you to. This is the essence of democracy and that choice must be respected. Living in harmony requires respect of rules of engagement without which chaos ensues. God is not mocked, for what a man sows the same shall he reap (after it has grown up). What we are seeing are but the first fruits of that reaping, the real fruit, the whirlwind after this casual sowing to the wind is yet to come. The ubiquitous flow of violence meeted out to kenyans by their own security forces and mercenary ugandans will result in a greater demystification of violence and the gun.

The population will be ready for them next time especially since they have crossed a threshold and used deadly force. I predict we shall soon see private well armed militia that will be held in reserve to ensure whoever gets or feels disenfranchised at the ballot box will be able to enforce a dialogue. The state will no longer have the hitherto widespread monopoly of violence it misuses on it’s citizenry. Welcome to a new kenya. Nobody should blame the citizens for merely doing what comes natural to any person. It is evident kibs and henchmen cannot be doing all this unless they are sure the army is on their side. The army is not 100% on their side and they know it. Talk has seeped through of unhappiness in the ranks. An unstable army is a recipe for disaster.

Many army men have lost brothers, sisters, fathers, nephews and nieces to the thoughtless actions of kibaki and his men. Life is sacred, and once that sanctity is breached we are asking for trouble. This is a tiger he cannot ride, even if raila was not to be in the picture. Kibaki is not going to be remebered for a 5% growth in the economy. He will clearly be remembered as the man who took kenya back into the dark ages, alienated his kikuyu tribe from other kenyans and invited foreign troops to shoot down kenyans n their own country.

He will be remembered as the man who tore kenya’s social and ethnic fabric, the man who stole votes and administered a near killer blow to democracy in kenya. The nse etc is just piss in the wind. Kenya may well go into civil war, but it will rise stronger and better in so many ways than it has been before, and the name of every person killed whilst protesting this rape of democracy will be remembered.

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