Friday, January 4, 2008

Kibaki's Hypocrisy

Mr Mwai kibaki is right now hiding behind the security walls of the government of kenya, while the kenyans he lied to and deceived are furious with him, and feeling the backlash of his gluttonious grab for power. Just 5 years ago, many kenyans were very hopeful, that the union of mr kibaki and mr raila odinga which were enough to uproot moi, would be enough to put kenya on a path to industrial development, but that was just a dream. It has been said that raila and kibaki had a memorandum of understanding that would have allowed them to share power while kibaki remained president, but kibaki renegged on those promises and instead pushed for constitutional reforms that would have increased his powers while treating the mou with mr odinga as trash. Kenyans are very angry today, because they have been raped by the electoral process, and many kenyans have said they will never vote again. Do you blame them? Some very strange news has come to me today regarding the church burning in eldoret. . What is becoming apparent is that kenyans are very furious, and the ethnic differences have only exacerbated this wound.I have heard that kikuyus have essentially been driven out of the west of kenya and perhaps also from the coast. What has happened is fracture along ethnic lines because of corruption in kibaki. Odinga has called kibaki a thief and a liar. That is not far from the truth, as evidenced by kibaki's actions.

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