Saturday, January 26, 2008


I AM ExTREMELY PISSED OFF with kibaki.First of all, kibaki nakedly and openly and stupidly rigs an election that kenyans overwhemingly queued for very long hours in the sun to vote for.Their patience was misconstrued for stupidity by kibaki.they did not vote so that someone else can muzzle their choice, or so that kibaki can remain in power, they voted him out. the violent aftermath is just a reflection of the simmering anger. people want their president, but kibaki keeps insisting he was duly elected, without a majority. at this point in time, it is technically impossible for kibaki to rule kenya. someone will try to assasinate him to revenge for one death or another, because at the end of the day, when all dust settles, it will be said that the violence started after kibaki stole an election. kenyans are suffering because kibaki just wants five more years to rule. what utter nonesense. people must and should continue to riot until the thug steps down. all the unnecessary deaths are unfortunate, but there is a price to pay for freedom. it must be made very obvious to this blind man that he cannot and will not be tolerated, and that corruption must come to an end in kenya. the deaths from the election violence pale in comparison to deaths caused directly or indirectly by corruption that has been propagated by kibaki and his cronies. kibaki's time is over, and he needs to retire after having been in politics since before independence. did he struggle just so that he can tear the country apart with hate and tribalism.kibaki is a thug, a bandit, a usurper, an armed robber, a pick pocket, an arsinine coward and reject of society. An abnormal effeminate man, whose wife rules over him and insults him in public. A man without honour, a man who does not keep his word, and breaks promises and agreements at the slightest opportunity. An opportunist, a rapist of kenyans, a blind and deaf mute who wants to be a figure head. A door post, and aging fossil. A reminder of colonial occupation. A grim prophet of doom and death, spreader of hate, war monger and forgetful . Kibaki is not a keeper of promises, but an adulterous polygamist who dishonors his own children and wives. Why some people would be supporting him at this time when he has let not only kenyans and kikuyus down, but africa as a whole and democracy as a principle has been sacrificed at the selfish temle of kibaki's ego baffles me.

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Wanjiku - Mombasa said...

Hi Librarian. First time on your blog. Very true what you say. Kibaki will go down in history as the one who stole votes and alienated his people. It's a shame that he has dragged both willing and unwilling Kikuyus into his dirty games.