Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rebuking Thomas manton and his fake prophecies about Kibaki.

What I do know from the Lord’s own word is that such prophesies as from a Mr. Manton are not from above but are DIVINATION, because they are on earthly matters which will pass away. These prophecies add no value to the progress in the kingdom of Heaven. What did Jesus tell the Devil about the Kingdoms of this world? The focus of Christians is the great hope, the arrival from Heaven of Our Lord Jesus to take us home. Don’t rejoice in earthly victories especially politics. Paul, even when in chains still wished that the politicians became like him except for the chains (Acts 26:29). Our victories are in the Lord Jesus.

On Kibaki’s stealing of a rather democratic election: that does not make him a righteous ruler. If anything, God will use him (for the time he manages to hang onto that stolen throne) to teach Kenyans some lessons about consequences of dishonesty and stealing. You cannot say that God has raised Kibaki because in that case you will have to accuse God of approving stealing. God does not anoint people in that fashion. Watch out Christians and let us remain clear minded distinguishing godliness from all the spiritual confusion destroying the Kenyan people. Do not approve what is evil. Kibaki has been ALLOWED BY GOD (BUT NOT APPROVED OR WILLED BY GOD) to outwit his opponents through cunning methods so that lessons can be learnt. Wait and see for yourselves if the Lord tarries.

Let us Christians get to acknowledge sin despite the prevailing tribalism and call for justice and repentance unto salvation for leaders and all men. Let us pray that Kibaki gets saved into eternal life and thus becomes a more trustworthy individual. If we can do this honestly, then, we can claim to be true children of God.

But all the time as we see political events killing people, let us feel for the displaced and the suffering. Let us help all of them where we can. Let us love everyone with the love of Christ. Let us not glee at supposed losers of election as some so called Christians tend to do. May the name of our Lord Jesus be praised forever and ever because He is in control and later we will all appreciate His wisdom.

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