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Disclaimer: Another abysmal one from the motherland..

Subject: GEMA

Importance: High



We the Gema community must wake up to the reality and call a spade a spade
and not a big spoon. From the various opinion polls even from the Consumer
Insight which is owned by our own Hon Mutahi Kagwe has shown that the rest
of the Kenyans have decided to isolate us by not supporting our own son.
should stop pretending and come out strongly in support of President Mwai
Kibaki since failure for him to be relected will spell a lot of misery to
most of our tribesmen because of many reasons best know to us all. We must
return thanks to Kibaki and his government for ensuring we got the most of
the nation's cake during his past five years. I had never seen many people
from Central Province being employed the way it was done and I believe he
created the 500,000 jobs per year as he had promised. Those who are saying
he did not am wondering which Kenya are they in.
We have to admit that some of our leaders from Mt Kenya let down the
president by misadvising him in various issues affecting the all country
the worst of which being the mishandling of the terrorist Muslims, the
looting rustlers from kacurias from rift valley, the uncircumcised lake
side boys, gluttonous luhyas and the blind gusiis (Nyachae married our
daughter and all of them thought they have become our blood relatives).
We need to plan to win the Election with or without their support. I say
because there is no point of pretending they are on our side after all
seems to have been bribed to support the opposition and no amount of
will help as .Remember during Moi's time we the GEMA were also stubborn
refusing completely to support him despite many gestures he had extended
us. We should not hope the rest are stupid not to be the same. This is a
fact and am not ashamed to state so. Let them go to hell!

It is with this reality that His Excellency The President Mwai Kibaki
should start consolidating our Kikuyu, Embu and Meru .I believe we are
enough to give him victory given the fact that we are all over the country
so on the top of the 4 million plus votes in Central and Eastern we can
still manage to get another 4 million in the rest of the provinces. In all
the major towns we make more than half the population.
Kibaki Campaigning team should discard the issue of trying to woo some
empty parties such as tip tip, ford Kenya and ford people. The opinion
polls have shown they have got no following from there back yards and
insistence of going it alone on parliamentary and civics seats is suspect
and is delaying actualization of any meaningful coalition. Kibaki should
away with those warlord nyachae, bitter kombo and the uncircumcised tuju.
They will definitely not be relected. So if they do not
Have hope of getting themselves votes how do President Kibaki expect them
to assist him? No wonder the President has been scoring poorly in their
backyards. Another wastage was the award of Kshs 5 Billion to Ali Taib to
try to woo the terrorists to our side. This won't work because the
terrorists are hard core supporters of the boy from the lake.

Only Kanu can be worth working with because some of its followers are
remote, backward in life and we can easily win them by bribing them. After
all they were used to bribes. Kudos Uhuru for showing them the way.
Also shirikisho party of the mijikenda can be arm twisted with hand outs
because this is a party of the poorest people in Kenya if not in the
or the world for that matter. Kibaki should exploit this. You remember
during the magarini by elections Kibaki's Government needed only to show
them how electricity poles look like and before the reality hit them that
there was no electricity project they had already supported our choice for
them. See, we sons of Mumbi have brains and I believe if we go this way
lakeside uncircumcised tinga will see dust. We cannot talk about the dog
> eaters kambas so kalonzo is no match he is in the league of muiru or
Let them know if they do not support our Kibaki they will continue eating
dogs due to hanger.

To assist Kibaki to win he should ensure the construction of roads past
Nakuru going to the west to be slowed down to hamper the movement of those
going those sides since it seems they have closed their hears to pleads by
president to re-lect him. I think so far
The government of President Kibaki has done something on this as you can
remember the constructions from Limuru to Gilgil was done quickly and from
there the enthusiasm of construction seems to have faded. Cheers our
beloved President. I hope you will do more to hamper any development in
these opposition zones.

Also during Christmas and Election all Gema owners of busses plying
routes should re-route all the vehicles to Central Province and be paid by
PSVs are owned by us and we should not waste any opportunity that come our

Kibaki should use the administration thoroughly to harass those supporting
opposition and can even enlist our dreaded Mungiki and bank robbers to
target non Mount Kenyans . Mungiki should stop killing our own because
will have adverse effect in our voting block. Instead our Kibaki
should encourage those in opposition to reduce their numbers the way they
are doing in Mount Elgon . This is congratulation to our Michuki. Keep it
up Mr. Michuki, do not waste your policemen by sending them to quell the
killings in Mt Elgon as you know the killers and victims are all ODM
supporters. We people of Central should be proud that Hon Kibaki's
government was swift in stopping Mungiki killings which would have lead to
many of our own dying. There is need to integrate Mungiki into the army as
had been suggested by the Minister of Defense Hon Karume. This will be of
much assistance in the unlikely event that we lost the coming election. If
this happens President should use military to help him rule Kenya till he
retires on his volition.
We cannot afford to lose the power of governing this Nation as that will
mean most Kikuyus will lose jobs in most of the crucial ministries such as
Ministry of Finance, Internal Security, Justice and Defense which by their
crucial nature must remain headed and manned by Kikuyu professionals the
way it have been in the last five years. During these five years no one
complain that these ministries have not superperformed under our notable
House of Mumbi sons and daughters such as:

1. Mwai Kibaki-President
2. Lucy Kibaki-Deputy President
3. Stanley Murage-De facto State Hosue Controller
4. Muthaiga Group lead by Chancellor Wanjui-Presidential Advisers
5. Muthaura-Head of Public Service
6. More than have of other permanent secretaries
7. Cardinal John Njue-In charge of wooing non Kikuyu stupid

8. Pastor Ng'ang'a of Neno wooer
9. David Githii- PCEA mobiliser

1. Hon Michuki-Minister
2. Hon Munya-Assistant Minister
3. Erick Kiraithe-Police Spokesman
4. All the 8 PCs except for two who are married to our daughters
5. All 72 DCs except for 13 out of whom 7 are also married to our
6. Head of NSIS


1. Hon Amos Kimunya-Minister
2. Hon Peter Kenneth-Assistant Minister
3. Mr Kinywa-Permanent Secretary
4. Mr Ndung'u-Central Bank Governor
5. Mr Michael Waweru-Commissioner General -KRA
6. Mrs Nelius Kariuki-Chairperson Kenya Re
7. Mrs Eunice Mbogo-MD Kenya Re
8. Mr Jimnah Mbaru-Nairobi Stock Exchange Chairman
9. Mr. Wangunyu-CMA vice chairman
10. Mr James Mwangi-MD Equity Bank

Ministry of Environment

1. Hon David Mwiraria-Minister
2. Hon Wangare Maathai-Assistant Minister

Ministry of Energy

1. Hon Kiraitu Murungi-Minister
2. Hon Mwangi Kiunjuri-Assistant Minister

Ministry of Communication

1. Hon Mutahi Kagwe- Minister
2. Hon Koigi Wa Wamwere-Assistant Minister
3. PS
4. Mr Linus Gitahi-MD Nation Media

Ministry of Defense

1. Hon Njenga Karume-Minister
2. PS

Ministry of Education

1. Hon George Kinuthia Saitoti-Minister
2. Mr Karega Mutahi-Education Secretary

Ministry of Transport

1. Mr George Muhoho-MD Kenya Ports Authority
2. Mr Mbugua-Head of PSV's

Ministry of Works

1. Hon Simon Nyachae- Minister married to our Kikuyu daughter so we are
also well represented here.

Ministry of Agriculture

1. Hon Kirwa- Minister married to our Kikuyu daughter so we are also well
represented here.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1. Hon Raphael Tuju-Minister married to our Kikuyu daughter so we
also well represented here.

The above is just but the top cream but also the bulk of those working
under them are
Mostly our Kikuyus and Merus and that is why we should be proud of
leadership and that gives us the reason to defend at any cost.

We must give extra credit to Waweru of KRA in that since he took over our
sons and daughters have been able to secure the lion share of jobs in this
crucial Revenue Authority even without going through the rigorous
interviews subjected to the rest f Kenyans. The same goes to Hon Michuki
and his men at the ministry for ensuring our sons and daughters from
Central Province takes the lion share of enrollment to police and
administration positions.

We should ensure Kibaki gets reelected to enable us take over all the jobs
in strategic positions in all government institutions after all Mau Mau
brought independence were from the house of Mumbi and we should not be
criticized when we claim what it rightly belongs to us.

KUDOs Matatus and City Hopas for fare hike and Kibaki Tena Posters

We should also be gratefull to our people from Central who owns 90% of the
matatus and buses operating in Nairobi for coming up together and ensuring
that they increase fares by Ksh 10 which is channeled to Kibaki Tena
Campaign Fund. Note that this was a clever way of making even opposition
supporters to contribute towards Kibaki reelection without noticing. More
congrats goes to CITY HOPA BUSES for on top of raising funds for Kibaki
PNU from the fares they have gone an extra mile to ensure that even ODM
supporters endorse Kibaki by boarding their buses with Kibaki and PNU
posters. Note that they have got no choice but we have to tread carefully
given that the terrorists
(Muslims) have decided to side with them and they might be desperate to
petrol bomb buses bearing Kibaki's posters. We should be extra careful
while using these vehicles and if possible we should let those opposed to
Kibaki to eat humble pie and use them so that in the event that they are
stoned or bombed at least our enemies votes will be reduced.


In the unlikely event that ODM wins the coming elections let us deny them
tax they way our Kikuyu business men (who actually owns over 80% business)
used to deny Moi's government. Let them know that our people accepted to
pay tax in solidarity with our own being the President and we must say No
Kibaki No Taxes from Kikuyu Meru Businesses.


We should not condemn Kibaki's lieutenants for rushing to dispose
and Telkom . The amounts raised will assist us in the campaigns and more
our sons in Tran-century Group lead by Jimna Mbaru , Jimmy Kibaki, Amos
Kimunya will ensure Gema are allotted the lion share of these corporations
they way they did with Kenya Power, Kenya Airways, Kengen, Kenya Re and
Kenya Railway . This should be done with haste since we do not know if the
rest of Kenyans have known their rights and in that case might vote us out
of government come 27th December 2007.


Our sons should intensify spreading of propaganda materials against the
stupid ODM candidate. We must portray him as a devil worshiper but hold on
a bit I have heard some say if Tinga is a devil worshiper then Kibaki is
himself the devil and according to them it is better the servant (Raila)
than the master (Kibaki). We should also counter this. Non Kikuyu
Christians are fools . Just intensify propaganda that Raila is a devil
worshiper and they will believe. Hawataweza Kikuyu .
All Luos are stupid. Do they think they can rule this country while
Kikuyu's have the anointed sons and daughters. They must know that after
Kibaki Uhuru and after Uhuru Jimmy Kibaki,Martha Karua, Kimunya, and Muiru
etc etc but only from House of Mumbi forever and ever and ever.

Sincerely speaking Kibaki has done us good people of Mount Kenya and we
should all turn up at Election Day and give it all. Let the rest stupid
Kenyans languish in poverty as we continue to enrich our selves. WE ARE
INDEED THE JEWS OF KENYA -THE CHOSEN FEW. No other tribe can dare invest
our Central Province because we have our Mungiki and Robbers to take care
of that. We also cannot buy from a non Kikuyu shop. Tutoboe ukweli. Kazi


Yours truly,



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