Sunday, January 6, 2008

Where did democracy go in Africa?

Most presidents after clinching power they taste power hence arrogance and dictatorship. Kibaki is pretending to be Kenyas President when actually Raila Odinga ousted him and now he is using his powers of president to impose himself on people.We have a poor constitution .

He can't even explain it himself! Raila Odinga has 100 ODM party parliament seats while his loose coalition of many small small parties could only afford 36 seats. As if not enough his former cabinet was all voted out including vice president and when the country was striking the guy retreatred to statehouse for a night swearing in ceremony. The guests were senior military officers and all his last poll rejected cabinet and the worst is they were in a rush that they dint raise Kenyan flag or even sing national anthem! Plus no diplomant was present.what a shame to Kenya when we thought they were more democratic than other african countries. The worst still is that Electoral commissioner Samuel Kivuitu declared him president under siege despite concrete evidence of inflated figures for Kibaki and he later confessed that he did not know if Kibaki won.He has finally admitted to having his officers altering results and inflating them infact in 48 central constituencies the voters were estimated as 150 percent for Kibaki.

How do you even explain this? all the largest provinces that's
Riftvalley with 3,000,000 registered voters.Turnout was 2,000,000. 1,599,007 went to Odinga.
Westen province voter turnout was 1,300,000. Odinga got 986,045
Coast province turnout 1,436,980. Odinga got 893,098
Nyanza province home ground for Raila voter turnout 2,000,000. Raila got 1,599,000
North eastern province voter turnout 120,000 Raila 87,000
Nairobi province capital center-this has eight constituencies and 5 parliament seats are for ODM and still Odinga won here in votes. turnout 1,780,002 Raila got 754,097. the remaing votes shared by other 7 presidential candidates.

Now Central province Kibakis strongholds, voter turnout 2,000,000 Kibaki got 1,788,000
Eastern province with 1,800 000 turnout Kibaki got 1,050,000.( KIbaki has become a president because of two provinces) am laughing my head off about african politics. provinces he won in two got 36 parliament seats and he is a president.

Odinga won in 5 provinces out of 8 with 101 parliament seats and somebody wants him to be in opposition. Final tallying revealed Kibaki had 4,533,008. Raila 4,348,980,Kalonzo-807,005 and others.Its
rather absurd. Kibaki got a maximum of three million votes and Odinga had over four point five. Its very unfair to say the least.

Thats why Kenyans reacted in that violence manner. Whoever said here that its Luo and Kikuyu he is mistaken. Kenya has 42 tribes and all 40 except two Kikuyu(central) and Meru(eatsern voted for Raila.
Kenya is crying blood because of a greedy man with self egos who has no remorse that people are dying and instead of dialogue he has turned kenya into a police state threatening opposition with dire consequences and also he has denied them media coverage as he has suspended live coverage.

The European Union observers have dismissed the tallying process and other dignatrories say it was flawed.In this whole world its only Museven of Uganda who congratulated him reasons you all know that he also rigged himself to power. raila is the kenyan peoples democratic choice and Kibaki knows thats why he can only take refuge at statehouse

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