Monday, February 4, 2008

Lucy Kibaki is too primitive and uncouth to be in the state house.

I am still seething with anger after reading what lawyer Gitobu imanyara said in today's standard newspaper about how the deranged lucy kibaki feels about luos,and the statements were made right after her husband stole the elections and barricaded his coward self in state house away from the anger of the disenfranchised masses.Imanyara said she went on: "You are a friend of the Luos. Foolish Merus voted for you. . As I decipher that loaded statement from a 'first' lady of a country torn apart by tribalistic violence, I am left perplexed by the double speak the kikuyus have been engaged in. The kikuyu presidency of mwai kibaki is crippled and illegitimate, based on the lame manner with which they bungled kibaki hurriedly as they doctored tallies to put their tribes man in power. I am glad people went on a rampage and destroyed property worth millions. I only wish they destroyed more property in nairobi. Uncouth thugs like kibaki and lucy should not be allowed to get away with such murderous atrocities and criminality. It is very sad, to hear a woman who is the wife of this kibaki person project such hate towards luos.What I can say at this point is I am glad the united nations and US, UK, Canada and others have weighed in on the kibaki thievery and stated kibaki must follw whatever anan decides.If luos did not raise the uproar, and kalenjins did not kill kikuyus like they did, these evil misdeeds of the kenyan jezebel and ahab might havce gone underground. Thank God for the Elijah of Raila, and the saintly voice of anan, the robbers in state house will be held accountable.

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