Friday, July 18, 2008

Kibaki is bad for Kenya

Raila is a breath of fresh air, unlike stale meat like kibaki.I hate to say this but kibaki has outlived his usefulness, and is now counterproductive to have as a leader. Look at mandela, he served his purpose as a freedom fighter and defender of the weak, and when he was in power, he gladly stepped aside when he realized he was not fit for the job. I admire such courage, such a man is what Raila is like. But instead, in kenya we have a vulture called kibaki. A hyena that wants to eat everything, including the grass and soil upon which the predators have left the bleeding innocent and helpless kenyans dying.

Even if raila has faults, he looks spotless in the face of such open greed and naked lust for power and ambition as exhibited by the ogres such as kibaki and mugabe. its a shame, for an african to stand up and open his mouth out here in the west or japan and say you come from kenya or zimbabwe. people look at you as if you have rabies...thanks to imbeciles like kibaki.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


It came as a surprise, but the kimunya fiasco shows that corruption is not welcome in kenya. People know that raila won in 2007, and so it will be almost impossible for a kibaki who lost mandate to rule over kenyans who are well aware of the fact that they were used and abused by kibaki in 2007. I dont think people dont know who was behind the violence in 2007, it was an angry population.

I will be brief and say that It will be a welcome relief when raila is made president very soon, because it will happen. mugabe only helped to make this morte apparent, because the world, and mostly kenya, does not have an apetite for a corrupt megalomaniacal tyrant who imposses himself on people. it just wont happen.