Saturday, January 12, 2008

The real cause of the Kenyan conflict

The real cause of the Kenyan conflict is not tribalism as people would like us to believe.
It is multifactorial as follows, ranging from overpopulation to inability to understand numbers:

1. Failure to control the population from Independence (educating girls leads to smaller families)
2. Global warming, the El Nino and la Nina phenomena
3. Globalisation (Labour intensive jobs in textiles, shoe manufacturing etc. exported to India and China)
4. The decaying infrastructure
5. Failure by Habitat, UNEP and other UN Agencies based in Nairobi to pay serious attention to the situation in the slums
6. Failure of the authorities to develop the rural areas leaving people no choice but to head for Nairobi
7. Failure to use Aid money for the intended purpose
8. The delusion of the rulers who shunned Foreign Aid by claiming that they can balance the budget from internal resources without relying on donors while serving only 10% of the population and ignoring the rest.
9. The economic growth in the last 5 years that led to the increase in the middle class and consequent rise in prices thus marginalising the poor.
10. Bad politics and greed for Money (feeling poor even with one billion shillings - please teach these people basic Maths).

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