Thursday, January 3, 2008


I am a Kenyan. I would like to begin by stating that I do not advocate for violence in any shape or form. Secondly, I congratulate kenyans for holding a peaceful election, even though they have been robbed of a fair tabulation and announcement of results.I have been watching with amazement the brazen attempts by Mwai kibaki to muzzle freedom of speech and expression in kenya, from banning live tv broadcasts, and preventing public gatherings that want to question the legitimacy of his presidency.Kibaki has to resign.The naked and open manner with which the elections have been rigged is betrayal and grossly demonstrative of callous neglect kibaki has had for poor kenyans. The president of Kenya swears an oath to uphold all the laws of kenya, and to protect the.You cannot be the chief law breaker, and expect kenyans to not violate the same laws you have grossly violated. The reason kenyans are angry is because Kibaki violated their democratic right to elect their own president as the constitution allows. If he won fair and square, openly without rigging, Raila would have been condemned by the international community, and Kibaki would have received congratulations from all over the world, but that is not what happened. Do you remember when Obama came to kenya? He issued very damning condemnation of the corruption in Kibaki's government. All the mayhem and chaos you see in Kenya today do not compare to the damages caused by corruption in Kenya. Kenyans are fed up with corruption and voted for change. So no matter how bad things look in kenya, its actually good, because that is the way corruption will end. Corruption kills more people than you might imagine, and so the lives being lost in kenya today are not lost in vain. ECK officials overlooked the fact that Kenyan police personnel deployed to guard all the 36,000 polling stations countrywide also kept a record of the voting and compiled an accurate record of the results, so that even if something happened to the ECK structures, the Kenya Police is in position to give the nation correct results of the polls. Sources say that the Kenya Police tally indicates a major difference from what the ECK announced. I am amazed by either the steely core or inept attitude displayed by Kibaki's insistence that he is the rightful president, and yet kenyans rejected him, and in the meanwhile, kenya is torn apart.I have been asked to tell All Luo,LUHYAS, Kalenjin, Marakwet, Teso that all vehicles going To Nairobi Are Being Stopped In Naivasha And Kijabe And People From Those Tribes Flushed And Killed By Armed Kikuyu Thugs. JANUARY 3 2008.

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