Sunday, February 10, 2008

Raila Odinga cannot afford to give up the presidency.

We have to be very careful about what we accept, and we have to understand what it is we are dealing with. Mr Odinga, cannot give up his quest for the presidency.He has moral reasons, and reasons which are now beyond his control, that govern what he can and cannot do.When Kibaki knew he was losing the elections,and rigged himself back into power, he was pre-empting Odinga, and basically undercutting Odinga and the wishes of Kenyans in a very dramatic and callous way.If Odinga gives up the presidency, there will be alot more deaths in Kenya, immediately in the short run, and in the future. The chaos in kenya right now, were caused by a massive but ineffective rigging by the kibaki machine.

Kikuyus will be killed wherever they live outside central province. That will happen either immediately, or in the future, probably sparked by another injustice in the future. That by itself implies that the root causes of the current conflict have to be adressed. If not, then we are simply postponing violence and war, to occur with more brutality in the future.Why are Kalenjins so angry? Why are luos and luhyas so angry? We have to know why, and simply not brush these aside as tribalism, because all these groups voted for kibaki in 2002.

If Kibaki and his machine remains in power, the army will be used to kill the dissenters in rift valley and nyanza and western.That will fracture the country, because the military will not want to continue to butcher non-kikuyus.That is not what is expected of a professional army, just to maintain a corrupt regime in power.

If kibaki remains in power, nyanza province will never be rebuilt, and kisumu will be in the stone age.

people have died already, fighting to defend odinga's right to the presidency, and giving up will mean they died for nothing.

If Obama become US president, nyanza province will need protection from alqaeda, and his grand mother will need protection from possible abduction and kidnapping. That is something kibaki is incapable of providing, and has o be seen in the light of the fact that kenya and luos are nolonger objects of kikuyu wrath and abuse.

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