Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kibaki is joking around with Kenyan lives

If its a matter of shaking hands, kibaki has shaken many hands since he rigged the elections.I am sure he feels pretty good about himself right now, and about the fact that many people all over the world know his name. He rigged the elections, and has been under alot of pressure to form a coalition government with someone he hates properly. One wonders why kibaki hates raila so much, that he tried to cheat raila not once but twice, but the second time around many kenyans died, and many kikuyus got displaced. Kibaki's hanging on to power is equated to the last kicks of a dying horse. An unwilling participant in a contest who does not play according to the rules, but creates his own rules.I think kibaki will do his level best to derail these talks, and will only agree to any agreement, which waters down the opposition as much as possible.Only time will tell, but as kibaki is still wasting time and wasting precious opportunity, it has been heard that kalenjins are preparing for total war against kikuyus, to finally and completely drive them and kisiis, from the rift valley. We are going to have war in kenya, and thanks to kibaki, it will be a terrible war.

This war is not new, check this link out, here

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